Solar Charger & Battery Bank
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Ever worry about your cell phone dying? Whether you're backpacking, sailing, or in an emergency, the Unite to Light Solar Charger & Battery Bank will ensure that your mobile power needs are met at all times. All you need is the sun.
The Nitty Gritty
Key Features
-Outdoor portable 8000 mAh lithium polymer battery pack with 3.75 watt, super efficient solar panels.
- Charges your cell phone three to four times with a full charge.
- Dual USB Output 2.1A: Allows you to charge two devices at once. -Charges most USB devices, including cell phones, smartphones, GPS and MP3 players
- Solar Rechargeable Battery or use the micro USB cable to charge in a standard outlet.
- Dust Proof, Shock Proof, Lightweight, Water-Resistant
- 1 Year Warranty
- Powerful Flashlight
-Thermal and overcurrent protections to protect your devices
-Still want more? Technical Specifications here.

Technical Specs
Best Use:    Backpacking, Travel, Emergency Preparedness
Solar Cell Output Capacity:     3.75 watts
Battery Size (mAh)    8000mAh
Material(s):    Monocrystalline
(Unfolded) 10.25 x 6.10  x 0.98; (folded) 3.23 x 6.10 x .98 inches
Foldable:    Yes
Weight:    11.9 ounces
Buy One, Give One
For every Solar Charger we sell, we'll donate one to someone in need.  Use the Buy button below and we'll send your Charger where it's most needed. You can also visit our Projects Page to learn about specific projects and partners and direct your donation through their individual page. 
Take Chargers for a Project
Do you have a charity of service project that where you'd like to provide our Solar Chargers? Any individual, charity, company or group may buy Chargers at cost as long as they will be delivered to those in need of power.
Solar Charger Instructions

Did you purchase a Solar Charger? Watch this short instructional video to learn how to charge it from the sun, or the micro USB port (cord included). Then use it to power all your devices or light your way at night! 

More questions? Check out our Q&A in the highlights of our Instagram feed. Feel free to email us, we're adding answers all the time!

"I have used a number of different solar chargers on backpacking trips and the Unite To Light Charger is the best in every way. It is compact and light. The flow is steadier, minimizing risk of damage to my iPhone. The battery also carries quite a load so I was able to keep multiple devices charged. The device also charged well when I was walking through various levels of sunlight over uneven terrain. I attached it to the hood of my pack and felt comfortable it wasn’t going to slip off. I wasn’t expecting this level of quality but thought... what the hell, it’s for a good cause. It turned out to be the best Charger I’ve found for my purposes." 
Ben Romo
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