Working with long time community partners, Unite to Light aims to support schools and learning centers in KwaZulu, Natal, South Africa.
Under Four Trees
Nineteen years ago a woman named Mrs. Zikhali was asked to teach children in a rural community. Her classrooms would be under four trees. She agreed, believing every child deserved an education and has since built a school and true community center to replace those four trees. The trees still stand as a testament and a reminder of how far this school has come, but there is still much work to do in the community. 

The school, Nkomo Primary School, and Mrs. Zikhali remain committed to educating not only their students, but students in the entire community. They have acted as a conduit for Unite to Light through which we have donated almost 5,000 lights, but the need is still great in this community of 15,000 children.

Importantly, we know that these lights are making a difference. With help from the schools, we have gathered test scores from before we distributed lights and after. The results were astounding: an increase in graduation pass through rates of 30%. 

Our goal is to help build a community where every student has access to light to help them study at night. Donations and purchases on this page will go to this community in South Africa.
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Change a life. Light the world.

For the price of lunch you can buy a light that will change a life. These lights will help children learn to read. They will also light the way when they collect water, allow them to save money spent on kerosene and candles, and even decrease the risk of fires and asthma in the home. Don't take our word for it, watch the video to hear from Mrs. Zikhali herself!


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