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The Health & Equity Alliance (HEAl) is a UC Santa Barbara student-led organization that strives to promote local and global public health issues through community service, advocacy, and professional development. Using an interdisciplinary approach, UCSB students of all majors and backgrounds who are interested in social dimensions of health collaborate to positively impact surrounding communities at home and around the world.

HEAl is partnering with Unite to Light to raise funds and sell solar powered. is partnering with Unite to Light to  raise funds and sell solar powered, waterproof Luke Lights and Solar Chargers & Battery Banks across the University of California campuses and families. This is part of Unite to Light's Buy One, Give One program: For every light or charger purchased, one is donated to a person living without access to electricity.

A solar light can be particularly impactful for reproductive, maternal and newborn health. In 2016, only 78% of births worldwide benefited from skilled care during delivery. That number varies widely depending on location and socioeconomic status. In Bangladesh, for example, the rate in 2014 was only 35.9% of births attended by a skilled birth attendant and the percentage decreases for women in rural areas. One proven method for increasing maternal and newborn health is training midwives and equipping them to provide care at the time of a birth, as well as pre and post care.

A typical midwife may assist with 150-200 births per year, while some may deliver as many as 400 babies a year. Their impact is significant and as the number of trained midwives increases, the number of mothers and infants who die due to complications during pregnancy or birth decreases.

HEAl is supporting the donation of Unite to Light solar Luke Lights and Solar Chargers & Battery Banks to midwives in Bangladesh working in rural settings or among the 650,000+ Rohingya refugees. By making a donation or buying a light, you provide midwives in these fragile and humanitarian zones the tools they need to perform their life saving work. Any time. Any where.

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Unite to Light is a 501(c)3 not-for-profit and all donations are tax deductible. EIN of 27-2942180