Solar Chargers for the Ubumwe School & Center
When you buy a solar charger we'll give one to our friends at the Ubumwe Community Center in Rwanda. Many Rwandans have cell phones but do not have electricity.  They often spend precious time and money ensuring that they can have power on their phones to stay connected to their families, know what is happening in the markets, and have a lifeline in an emergency. 
Learn about the Ubumwe Center
"The Ubumwe Center was founded as a place where people with disabilities can learn skills that allow them to build a sustainable life. Over the years Congregation B'nai Brith has supported the Center by building out the school and giving us solar Luke Lights. We are excited to receive Solar Chargers because they will help our students and members that live in the most rural areas. They will increase learning and independence."
-  Zacharie Dusingizimana
Ways to Give
BOGO: Buy a Luke Light or a Solar Charger for yourself and we'll donate one to the Ubumwe Center. Or
DONATE:  every $10 generates a Luke Light, $30 means a Charger will be given to the Ubumwe Center.
Buy One, Give One
Luke Light
A lightweight, portable, durable, waterproof, solar task light that is perfect for bedside reading or to have just in case the lights go out. Camping or outdoor enthusiasts can loop-click it onto a backpack. Every day in the sun will give you eight hours of night light.
Solar Charger & Battery Bank

Charge your cell phone, tablet, or other small electronics. With a capacity of 8,000 mAh and weighing less than a pound, it will charge your cell phone 3-4 times. The high powered flashlight makes it perfect for backpacking or your emergency preparedness kit. 
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