Solar Charger & Battery Bank

Ever worry about your cell phone dying when you don't have access to electricity? Whether you're backpacking, sailing, or in an emergency, the Unite to Light Solar Charger & Battery Bank will ensure that your mobile power needs are met at all times. All you need is the sun.

- Outdoor portable 8000 mAh solar charger
- Fully charges your cell phone at least twice
- Micro USB & USB-C
- Solar Rechargeable Battery
- Dust Proof, Lightweight, Water-Resistant 
- 1 Year Warranty
- Powerful Flashlight

Buy One, Give One
Just like our lights, for every Solar Charger you purchase, we will donate one to a partner organization doing humanitarian work around the globe. Using the links below, you can even decide which organization to support. 


Technical Specifications
Buy One, Give One
For every Solar Charger we sell, we'll donate one to someone in need. Decide where your Solar Charger will go by selecting a project partner below. 
Direct Relief
Direct Relief is currently responding to emergencies and civil conflicts in Yemen, Democratic Republic of Congo, Bangladesh, Uganda, South Sudan, Puerto Rico and Haiti. Solar Chargers & Battery Banks will be distributed to people living in under-resourced refugee camps. 
Edna Adan Hospital Foundation

Without electricity, midwives in Somaliland are forced to make treatment decisions without the benefit of basic diagnostic tools such as a Fetal Doppler, a heartbeat monitor. The addition of a solar charged battery to power these tools allows the midwives to provide safe, appropriate and timely medical care to rural, nomadic and drought affected communities; decreasing infant and maternal mortality. 

Africa Schools of Kenya

For the Maasai community and students of Esiteti Primary School solar is the only source of power. Solar Chargers will greatly benefit the students by allowing them to use recently introduced tablets at the school. Keeping tablets and other powered school supplies up and running will be an essential part of the students’ educational experience and focus.