Fundraising Ideas
Whether you want to carry out a single fundraising event such as a dinner party for friends, or want to do a variety of activities, take a look at some tried-and-tested ideas. 
Below are some simple ideas to get you started. Once you’ve decided on a plan, update your fundraising page, think of a realistic target to reach and start spreading the word!
Dinner Party
A real crowdpleaser! If you want to cook and host, just decide a date, your favorite go-to recipe, and invite 8-10 friends and family. Decide what you think would be a reasonable suggested donation ($10-15 is generally recommended) and start prepping! If it’s warm enough, why not turn this into a BBQ?

*Top Tip: having some entertainment for your dinner party can make it seem like much more of an event! Think about whether you could hold some after-dinner games or karaoke to keep the evening going.
Sponsored Challenge
One of the simplest yet most effective fundraising options. Setting yourself a personal challenge is a great way to highlight the cause you’re fundraising for and encourage people to donate. Think of a challenge that works for you (a sponsored run, bike ride, giving up something you love), and start *advertising!

*See our Using Social Media section of the Get Started page for tips
Bake Sale or Coffee Morning
A good bake sale is always a sure winner! Even if you’re a master baker, it’s worth asking for help to take the pressure off you. You can either hold a coffee morning and invite people over, or look for a bigger venue.

​​​​​​​Do you know someone who works in a large office that would be willing to let you come in? Or is there a local community group or faith group where you could sell some baked goods?
If you don’t have the space to host an event, holding a raffle can be a fast fundraiser. Contact some local businesses and restaurants and ask for some potential prizes (e.g. free goods/vouchers for a dinner), and host a raffle at your workplace, community centre or home. If you sell 50 tickets at $3 each that’s already a great return!

Be sure to check our Keep it safe and legal section of the Get Started page. 
Quiz Night
Creating an event with a sense of competition and fun is a guaranteed way to help your fundraising succeed! Consider your location first – is there a local bar you could use, or could you host it at your home or that of a friend/neighbor?

Consider what prize you’d like to offer the winning team. If you’re hosting in a bar – see whether they might be willing to donate a bottle of wine? Additionally, ask local restaurants and businesses for any prizes they’d be willing to donate.

​​​​​​​Next, ask for help with both setting a good range of questions and running the night itself. Decide on a date, set an entry fee, and invite people to organize their own team!
Yard Sale
A great way to both raise funds and get rid of some of your unwanted items! Ask everyone to bring their unwanted items and hold a sale.

​​​​​​​*Top tip: this could work great in combination with a bake sale and/or raffle!
Give A Talk
Finally, while creating events is a fun way to fundraise, never underestimate the power of simply talking to your local community about the cause you’re raising money for.

​​​​​​​You don’t have to be a skilled public speaker, just think if there’s a community group (e.g. church/mosque/school/Rotary) that you could speak to for 5 minutes. It can be an amazing way to engage people with UTL’s work and raise funds.
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