Darkness Exists Close to Home
Learn how we are providing people experiencing homelessness with light and power! 
For the chronically unsheltered, access to a working phone is critical in maintaining effective connections to employment, medical and homeless services.  Access to a solar powered light for this same population can assist with safety and ability to improve self-care.  We aim to provide solar powered phone chargers and solar lights to some of the most at-risk homeless in partnership with Doctors Without Walls-Santa Barbara Street Medicine.  Access to solar light and power will save time, energy and money, while ensuring the recipients can be reached by others, call for services when needed, or simply be able to see and read at night. Your purchase or donation on this page will go directly to help those experiencing homelessness.  
Learn How the Tognotti Family Took Small Steps to Make a Big Difference
All the Ways to Give
Buy a solar powered Luke Light or Solar Charger & Battery Bank and we'll donate one to a person experiencing homelessness.
Or make a donation; $10 means a person will get a Luke Light, $30 generates a Charger.
Buy One, Give One
Luke Light
A lightweight, portable, durable, waterproof, solar task light that is perfect for bedside reading, camping. Every day in the sun will give you eight hours of night light.
Solar Charger & Battery Bank
Charge your cell phone, tablet, or other small electronics. With a capacity of 8,000 mAh and weighing less than a pound, it will charge your cell phone 3-4 times. The high powered flashlight makes it perfect for backpacking or your emergency preparedness kit. 
Make a Donation
A single light can help a person living on the streets to feel safer and more secure at night.
A Solar Charger & Battery Banks costs just $30 and allows a person to connect to medical aid and even their families.
$1, $100 or anything in between. We appreciate a little or a lot. Every dollar helps.
Our first distribution in 2017 with the Safe Parking Program. 
Doctors and volunteers with Doctors Without Walls - Santa Barbara Street Medicine consulting with a patient.
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