Lights for Midwives in Somaliland

In Somaliland, one in 12 women will die from pregnancy related causes.  Armed conflict killed or forced the majority of health care workers to flee the country, leading to one of the highest maternal mortality rates in the world.  In response, Edna Adan - former first lady, UN diplomat, and Foreign Minister of Somaliland - built the non-profit Edna Adan University Hospital (EAUH) in 2002.  EAUH is a teaching hospital that trains doctors, nurses, midwives, laboratory technicians, and pharmacists. 

Ensuring that midwives are trained and supported in the rural regions of Somaliland is one of the major emphases at EAUH.  A midwife typically assists with 150-200 births per year, while some may deliver as many as 400 babies a year. Their impact is significant in a country where a skilled professional attends only 10% of births.  As the number of trained midwives has increased, the number of mothers who die due to maternity related issues has decreased.  However, the maternal mortality rate is still high.

We seek to provide these midwives with the tools they need to perform their work. Most of the rural areas in Somaliland do not have electricity. We want to provide durable, efficient, solar powered lights to each of the 200 EAUH graduating midwives so that they can better aid their communities. 

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For the price of lunch you can buy a light that will change a life. These lights will help community midwives provide improved care. They will also light the way to address preventable pregnancy complications. Watch the video to hear from Edna Adan herself about the causes that women should not die of!


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