Lights for Puerto Rico 
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Hurricane Maria has brought devastation to Puerto Rico, wiping out water, power and communication. While the total impact is still unknown, some reports are saying that it will be months before power is fully restored to the island. Imagine waking up one day to your home gone, to the entire infrastructure you depended on simply missing.

Our fellow Americans are devastated. Until rebuilding efforts can light their night again, YOU can help with a little solar lamp. For the price of lunch you can send a $10 Luke Light to someone in Puerto Rico. Donations can be made through the buttons below. 

All donations to this page will fund the delivery of solar powered lights to the people of Puerto Rico and other Caribbean Islands impacted by the devastating hurricanes this year. Importantly, these lights will be delivered by Direct Relief, one of the most effective charities in the world. Working with Direct Relief means that the lights will go to the people who need it most: first responders, medical professionals, health clinics, and community members seeking aid. 
UPDATE October 2, 2017

We delivered our first shipment of 1,500 Luke Lights and 50 Lumen Chargers to Direct Relief. If you have previously donated to this page, your lights have arrived in Puerto Rico. Thank you.
If you haven't donated yet, it's not too late! We are planning one more shipment in December. The lights will be distributed through Direct Relief to the 62 community clinics. Primary recipients will be the staff and patients who still don't have power in their homes.

UPDATE January 2, 2018

The last week of December 2017, we delivered another 1,050 solar lights to Direct Relief for aid to Puerto Rico. That brings the total lights donated to Puerto Rico through Direct Relief up to 2,600 for 2017. We are grateful to everyone who donated their time and energy to this effort. Thank you.

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