Lights for When
Disasters Strike 
1,000 Lights for Peru

The worst flooding in 20 years is scouring the arid landscape of coastal Peru. Mudslides and flooding have killed 80 people, demolished over 110,000 homes and affected 640,000 people. A state of emergency has been declared in 800 cities and there is more rain in the forecast. The poorest were the hardest hit, as they had built homes along the more affordable land near rivers. Now as the country struggles to clean up and rebuild people are without homes, food, clean water - and electricity. 

Direct Relief, a nonprofit, has already shipped 50,000 lbs of medical supplies to partners Asociacion Vida Peru and Socios en Salud. These groups have extensive networks of hospitals, health clinics and community partners in the hardest hit areas including Piura, Trujillo, Chiclayo and Lima.  The next shipment that Direct Relief sends to these partners will include our solar powered Luke Lights so that doctors, nurses and those who have lost everything can work and live after dark.

Any lights raised over the 1,000 for Peru will be stockpiled at the Direct Relief facilities so they are ready to deploy when the next disaster strikes. 

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