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Light & Power is needed. Will you help?

Political unrest in Venezuela has caused urgent need for solar lights and solar power.  On the other side of the world, double cyclones have caused a natural disaster that southern Africa has never seen.  Donate through this page and our trusted partners like Direct Relief and Red Cross will ensure that solar lights and power banks are getting to those who need them most including: first responders, clinics and victims of these catastrophes. 

Suffering from political unrest, Venezuela has endured weeks of energy blackouts, impacting more than 70% of the country. Through a trusted partner, they have requested solar lights and solar phone chargers. 

A $25 donation means we can send a Solar Charger & Battery Bank to Venezuela. We have already sent 100 of our Chargers and are raising funds to pay for them now. The need was too great to wait. 


Cyclone Idai made landfall on Thursday, March 14th, killing hundreds and displacing thousands. Roads, homes and infrastructure are gone. Beira, a town of half a million is gone. Aid is slow to arrive due to impacted roads and communication. 

​​​​​​​Luckily, Unite to Light has 750 Solar Luke Lights in neighboring Zimbabwe. Working with Red Cross and Alight Zimbabwe Trust, we will repurpose these lights to aid in recovery. Every $10 donated will supply a first responder with a solar light. 

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