Bangladesh Midwifery Society

In 2010 at a UN Summit, the Prime Minister of Bangladesh committed to create opportunities for 3000 midwives in the country. With this objective in mind, the Ministry of Health through the Director of Nursing and Bangladesh Nursing and Midwifery Council started a midwifery education and in-service training based on standards set by the International Confederation of Midwives. The goal of the program was to provide quality maternity services to the poorest communities and save lives of mothers and babies. 

Since its inception, 1600 nurse midwives have been upskilled to midwives of international standards. An additional 600 have graduated through a direct entry program. In total, 1200 trained professionals have been deployed in rural hospitals and health centers. 

In addition to doctors and professional midwives, there are at least two cadres of birth attendants who provide maternity care in Bangladesh. There are 5000 Family Welfare Visitors who serve as primary staff providing care at remote locations where there is often no electricity. In even further afield locations; there are Community Skilled Birth Attendants who provide home based maternity services. Together, these birth attendants provide vital services to women and families throughout Bangladesh. 

By providing each birth attendant with a solar powered light, we hope to support their work and enhance the important services they already provide. 

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For the price of lunch you can buy a light that will change a life. These lights will help community midwives and health workers provide improved care. They will also light the way to address preventable pregnancy complications and general community health.