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200 Lights for Children in Bolivia

The Alma Children’s Education Foundation works to improve education for economically impoverished children in Latin America through projects that reinforce critical thinking, creativity, analytical reasoning, and harmonious values to shape socially responsible and environmentally conscious individuals. 

This project will provide five communities in Bolivia with solar-powered lamps for reading. These lamps will provide children the opportunity to complete homework during the evenings and read at home. The five communities that will benefit from this project are: Cotoca, Manguita, Las Palmeras, Monte Cristo and San Martin de Porres. These are places that Alma Children’s Education Foundation has existing programs and where they know the lights will benefit the community. 

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More About Alma Children's Education Foundation

Founded in 2009, the Alma Children’s Education Foundation is a grassroots organization in Canada. What makes Alma unique is the way in which the projects are created and managed.  

 The ideas for many of the projects come from the communities themselves and are only started if there are several community stakeholders who commit to actively participate in the project management.  Alma provides proper training and materials, and has a Program Director who regularly visits and evaluates each project.

 Projects range from libraries and homework clubs to education programs for children with developmental disabilities. 

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