Solar Chargers Are Back!

We've spent over a year finding the best solar charger and battery bank for your camping, every day charging, and emergency preparedness needs. 

For every charger you buy, we will donate one to the humanitarian organization of your choice. Buy one, give one. 

Support Education in Haiti with
"Improving education is the key to alleviating poverty and supporting long-term recovery." -
Disaster Preparedness
Last year saw a significant number of natural disasters. While we were impressed by the speed and support of people like you, we know we can do better. That is why this year, we are putting 1,000 solar lights in a "Disaster Hold" with Direct Relief. Help us fill the hold so that lights can be deployed at a moment's notice.
Every $10 = 1 solar light
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Change a Life.
Light the World.
Highly efficient. Highly durable. Low cost.
Solar powered reading lamps.
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Providing reading lamps to students increases graduation rates by 30%.
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Kerosene based lighting creates indoor air pollution, fire hazards and greenhouse gas emissions.
Even Mills, LBNL, University of California 2012 
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A reading or camp lamp for you, a lifeline for someone in darkness.

Buy Lights for your charity or service project to give away to families without electricity. 

View our current projects and decide where you want your lights to go. Projects emphasize education, midwives and health clinics and disaster response.
A Global Problem 
1.2 billion people - more than a quarter of the world's population -   

The darkness brings:
ILLITERACY: Children unable to study cannot advance their education.
ILLNESS: Kerosene smoke and soot cause more deaths than malaria.
POVERTY: Expensive fuels for light consume more than a third of family income. 

Our Solution
Using technology originating at the University of California at Santa Barbara, our solar lights can generate hours of brilliant light. A clean, affordable source of light brightens the chances for:

EDUCATION: Children and families can now read after sunset.
HEALTH: Asthma and respiratory infections are reduced and fire hazards averted.
PROSPERITY: Savings on fossil fuels free family funds for improved living conditions. 
Unite To Light's unique Luke Light and Lumen Charger (a solar-powered light with USB charger) are low-cost, easy-to-use, durable solar LED lights. Powered by small solar panels, the lights recharge in the sunlight during the day and provide students and families with a clean, bright light at night. After just a few months, the lights pay for themselves by eliminating the cost of burning kerosene. 

Unite to Light
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